More Compact, More Convenient, More Versatile, and More Environmentally Friendly

More Compact, More Convenient, More Versatile, and More Environmentally Friendly

Major Leading Brand

Ingredients Cleaning Technology
water-process aid
alcohol ethoxy sulfate -surfactant
linear alkylbenzene sulfonate -surfactant
propylene glycol -process aid
citric acid -captures soil
sodium hydroxide -pH neutralizer
borax -captures soil
ethanolamine -process aid
ethanol -process aid
alcohol sulfate -surfactant
polyethyleneimine ethoxylate -polymer
sodium fatty acids -surfactant
diquaternium ethoxysulfate -polymer
protease -enzyme
diethylene glycol -process aid
laureth-9 -surfactant
alkyldimethylamine oxide -surfactant
fragrance -fragrance
amylase -enzyme
disodium diaminostilbene disulfonate -brightener
DTPA -captures soil
sodium formate -process aid
calcium formate -process aid
polyethylene glycol -4000 process aid
mannanase e-nzyme
Liquitint™- Blue colorant
dimethicone -process aid
150 oz=96 loads @17.99 per bottle-0.18/load

MPD 2X Ultra Ingredients
An aqueous solution containing surface active
agents (Water [Aqua], Ethoxylated Linear
Alcohols, Benzenesulfonic Acid, C10-16-Alkyl
Derivatives, Sodium Salts, Sodium Xylene
Sulfonate and Sodium Sulfate), Conditioner
(Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice), Fragrance
(Parfum), Methylisothiazolinone, and Colorant.
$19.80 Retail/32 oz=64 loads=0.31/load ND Price=$16.83=0.26/load Wholesale Price=$13.86 (rebate) $0.99=$12.86=$0.20/load

Is $0.02/load so much to pay for convenience, compactness, more versatility, and an environmentally friendly product?

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